We are committed to being good stewards of our communities and the environment; in fact, Stewardship is how we refer to our social impact initiatives at Kohler. As stewards, we're passionate about helping the world solve its water and sanitation needs; about enhancing the quality of life for current and future generations. We believe a better world is possible.

More than just a toilet.

Each year, World Toilet Day (November 19) raises awareness of the crucial role that sanitation plays in reducing disease and creating healthier communities. Kohler is committed to finding solutions for universal sanitation access and has partnered with leading non-profit organizations to bring meaningful change to those communities most in need.

What if everyone had access to a toilet?

We’re asking, “what if?” What if everyone in the world had access to a toilet? What if waste was properly managed everywhere in the world? What might that mean for the future of the 4.5 billion people who don’t yet have access to adequate sanitation?

Bringing safe water to all.

Developed from an Innovation for Good workshop, the KOHLER Clarity water filter provides people around the world with a sustainable method of accessing clean drinking water.

Cleaning up after Hurricane Florence.

Cleaning up after Hurricane Florence.

Kohler Sales Executive shares his experience helping North Carolina residents after Hurricane Florence.

Inspiring the next generation of engineers.

When your passion becomes your work, you want to share the joy. Engineer Megan Kennedy-Pierce hopes to pass the “engineering bug” to her mentees.

Imagine going without to gain a new outlook.

To create solutions that matter, our associates spent a day learning what it’s like to live life around finding water.

Bringing beauty to life.

Art & design

Watch art come to life in our factories.

More than 500 artists have passed through and been inspired by our Wisconsin factories since the Arts/Industry program began in 1974. Watch former artists-in-residence share their experiences.

Expressions of multiculturalism.

Through our longstanding Arts/Industry residency, artists transform our materials into unexpected, thought-provoking art pieces that are winding their way through a regional exhibition tour.

Believing in Better® Impact Reports

Believing in Better is our commitment to creating positive change for our planet, our communities, and the lives we touch. Take a look at our 2019 progress toward better.

We believe in bridging the gap between arts and industry.

For more than 40 years, Kohler Co. and the John Michael Kohler Arts Center’s Arts/Industry program have invited artists from around the world into the Kohler Pottery, Iron and Brass Foundries, and Enamel Shop to collaborate with factory associates and inspire one another.

Each one of us by ourselves can't change the world; but if we work together we can make a meaningful contribution. — Laura Kohler, Senior Vice President — Human Resources, Stewardship and Sustainability

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